“If heaven were by merit, it would never be heaven to me, for if I were in it I should say, ‘I am sure I am here by mistake; I am sure this is not my place; I have no claim to it.’ But if it be of grace and not of works, then we may walk into heaven with boldness.”

Charles Spurgeon


also he was p good in The Mask

Christ on the cross suffered terribly and was broken by it to the point of doubt and feeling of absolute abandonment. Then a decision was made – to look upon the people who were causing that suffering, with compassion and with forgiveness. And that’s what opens the gates of heaven for all of us.

Not the most precise doctrine, but what an incredible sharing from JIM CARREY?? Loved him in Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty, and after watching a 2016 Golden Globe speech (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9J8GaeDqVc&ab_) I went down the rabbit hole for a bit.

Really really interesting!

that’s pretty NEAT

“so there’s what I call ‘NEAT freaks’, or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis freaks, and they are jumpy, they are twitchy, and they are burning a lot of calories outside of the gym. 
Any caloric surplus that they consume gets eaten up by all their twitching and moving around and non-exercise activity, anywhere between 500 – 1000 calories more than their daily maintenance.”
– Alan Aragon, on the Food for Fitness podcast
Some of you may know about NEAT – I didn’t till a few months back, and while it’s rather simple (move more, burn more), the literature suggests that the impact that it has on how much I can eat and how that changes my weight is quite immense.
And it goes a long way towards explaining why I could eat on exchange with the abandon of a secondary school boy approaching his first Sakae Sushi buffet and not gain weight. Just an interesting tidbit to.. snack on 🙂

also remember to drink water so you don’t dehydr8 m8

one thought that i had this week was – it’s good and important to want to be excellent at your work (especially if you are new and novicey like i am)!! but don’t lose sight of the Big Picture – if at the day’s end, no matter the outcome, your boss and your client will both go home to their families and be fine – if losing the case won’f crush them and leave them on the streets – then you should go home to your family and loved ones too and not beat yourself up over work. lay the ego aside, scoop off some of the stress that has piled up, and go give your parents and your bolster a hug (or two). PEACE 🙂

no-carb diets

now I mostly talk about this to my friends, but on the off chance that someone who buys into the above hops by this space:

No-carb diets work because they help you reduce your overall caloric intake. It’s like going on a ‘no-sugar’ or a ‘no-processed food’ diet or a ‘broccoli-only’ diet – by cutting out accessible and ‘staple’ food items, you reduce your caloric intake and make bingeing difficult. They’re not magic, though there is much to be said health-wise for reducing your intake of processed foods. To elaborate,

1. When it comes to weight loss, overall caloric intake is king. I quote AA on this: “If you’re comparing diets that match sufficient protein intake, you don’t lose fat more quickly with lower carbs (yes, even at keto levels). This has been demonstrated repeatedly:

  • “Body-weight loss and weight-maintenance depends on the high-protein, but not on the ‘low-carb’ component of the diet, while it is unrelated to the concomitant fat-content of the diet.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22935440

2. In fact, consuming carbs boosts seratonin levels, which in human speak just means that it helps your brain make you happier. Going ‘no-carb’ Again, “KLC [ketogenic low-carb] and NLC [non-ketogenic low-carb] diets were equally effective in reducing body weight and insulin resistance, but the KLC diet was associated with several adverse metabolic and emotional effects. The use of ketogenic diets for weight loss is not warranted.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16685046


3. Since it’s overall calories that matter, and since carbs actually do play a role in making you happy and helping you sleep better (plus they give you ENERGY if you exercise or live life in general), the most important factor to bear in mind when deciding your eating patterns should be health + sustainability. Any diet that makes you go loco and starve yourself of X food item for 2 weeks, then rebound with an ice cream potato chip binge one day when you snap, is a Bad Diet.

  • “Significant weight loss was observed with any low-carbohydrate or low-fat diet. Weight loss differences between individual named diets were small. This supports the practice of recommending any diet that a patient will adhere to in order to lose weight.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25182101

If you want to get in shape, don’t go no-carb and deprive yourself of joy (and the delicious yumminess of carbs). Instead, go high-protein – because protein is (1) more satiating and it (2) helps you to retain lean muscle, which in turn increases your metabolic rate and helps to keep your body functional.

bonus: if you enjoyed reading the above, but you also worry about eating late at night because ‘eating after 8pm makes you fat!!!‘, welcome to more of alan aragon and nutrition science – http://www.alanaragonblog.com/2010/06/15/why-nutritional-dogma-dies-hard/ !! don’t let silly myths ruin your enjoyment of food, especially if said food is essential for your health.

bonus 2: having a desk job and not having a gym membership doesn’t mean that you should be all sedentary and gain fat unhealthily. consider upping your NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis)!! one way to do so is illustrated by the delightful dorrismccomics over at Twitter:


have a pleasant week friends!!

consider it pure joy, my friend

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, Nabeel Qureshi, age 34, entered into the joy of his master, Jesus Christ, after enduring a yearlong battle with cancer.


There are only so many deaths that a person can hold in their heart. I have mine, and I will remember yours Nabeel, and your family, and your hope. Grant it to me, Lord, that my life might not be cheaply squandered and wasted away on worthless things, but that with all the time that I am given I might walk in the footsteps of my Christ, of sacrifice, of humility, of suffering, of joy.

“it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death.”

So be it unto me.

full immersion in the condition of being human


At one of his life’s crucial turning points, he recorded the following sentiment in his journal: “What I am craving is not so much recognition, praise, or admiration, as simple friendship. There may be some around me, but I cannot perceive or receive it.”

my doubts, my hopes, my fears and my joys, my pains, and my moments of ecstasy [ought to be] available to others as a source of consolation and healing… There was a time when I really wanted to help the poor, the sick, and the broken, but to do it as one who was wealthy, healthy, and strong. Now I see more and more how it is precisely through my weakness and brokenness that I minister to others.