Thanks John

“We are never more safe, never have more reason to expect the Lord’s help, than when we are most sensible that we can do nothing without Him. This was the lesson Paul learnt, to rejoice in His own poverty and emptiness, that the power of Christ might rest upon Him. Could Paul have done anything, Jesus would not have had the honour of doing all.

This way of being saved entirely by grace, from first to last, is contrary to our natural wills; it mortifies self, leaving it nothing to boast of, and through the remains of an unbelieving, legal spirit, it often seems discouraging. When we think ourselves so utterly helpless and worthless, we are too ready to fear that the Lord will therefore reject us; whereas, in truth, such a poverty of spirit is the best mark we can have of an interest in His promises and care.”

Learning day by day the same precious lesson – that I need not earn or prove myself as being of worth, and having been set free, that I can then labor with all my might to do good unto the Lord and others.


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