why Lord

hi i just want to share with everyone the worst jay chou MV of all time


it is the worst because the female lead who is supposed to be torn between her dad’s wishes and her 7-11 boyfriend IS 0% TORN can you just take a look at the entire video where this man pines and throws his body and face into crying and being dejected and eating 7-11 Hot Meals

then her ‘pining scene’ is really more her looking like she is both sneezing and modelling an off-shoulder crotchet top for LoveBonito Festive collection (at 1:22 if you look closely SHE IS SMILING…)

then just check out 2:07 to 2:24 which is really the HIGHLIGHT of this video because 7-11 ran out of spoons so he is weeping n struggling to chopstick food into his hungry mouth

AND SHE ON THE OTHER HAND is supposed to be calling him cos she misses him but she really looks more like she just won a 3D2N stay at Shang-ri La (esp 2:22………….. that’s rly the worst bit of all)



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