and even though i try and i don’t see / the fullness of joy inside of me

was listening to this tune by marcus yesterday, and i thought about how hard it can be sometimes to see the world working itself out in a good way.

i read this piece this morning about how Jesus had the deepest joy of any human being to walk this earth, yet also how he was described as a ‘man of sorrows’ in Isaiah 53:3. it goes on to say this about sorrow/joy:

“We can be said to have fullness of joy in God if our joy in God is so full that it outweighs all other competing emotions and overflows in love to others. And here is where I am getting that: “In a severe test of affliction, their [the Macedonians’s] abundance of joy and their extreme poverty have overflowed in a wealth of generosity on their part” (2 Corinthians 8:2).

In other words, the joy in God — not in freedom from affliction, not in freedom from poverty — their joy in God was so full, it outweighed affliction. It outweighed poverty. And it overflowed in generosity. That is a real fullness, even if there was pain and sorrow along the way.”

it struck me as a particularly robust view on suffering – that it is heavy and weighty (‘severe affliction’, ‘extreme poverty’), but also that there is something deeper, stronger, more unyielding than the grave. that joy is not some light-headed feel-good buzz, but even in the harshest and most crushing of times – there can still be a fullness of joy, there can still be a love that is weightier still.



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