Burger Review #2: Huber Butchery (6.5)

(this review was initially posted in Aug 2015)


burger 2: huber butchery

just twelve hours after the Bergs letdown, i went down with josh to Dempsey to visit Huber’s Butchery. time was tighter than Topman’s Spray-on Skinny Denim, so we skipped daintily over the queue like frolicking fawns by having the burgers to go on the bonnet of my dad’s 17 year old antiquemobile.

where last night’s burger was like a nervous kid going to prom with twelve corsages, pointy shoes, and a tweed waistcoat that clashed with his rented tux, Huber’s humble offering was (a slightly stuffy) James Dean in a white tee with Levis. which is to say that it is a classic that has been sorta eclipsed by newer and fresher offerings.

from top to bottom:


the sesame bun was gently toasted and buttered, the onions cut thinly and sweetly caramelised (though i still prefer xtreme caramelization that turns them brown), and the Gruyere cheese enveloped the patty in a warm, melty embrace. i really like it when the cheese is done right 😊 the bacon was crispy, but imo there should only be one meat starring in the burger*, which brings us to

the simple salt-pepper-Chuck patty!! which was just like the rest of the burger – solid, but not quite spectacular. Chuck is mostly cut from the cow’s shoulder, aaaand you can taste that. it reminded me of the Roadhouse patty, but tougher, and it’s only fair to add here that my favorite patty to date is a tender short-rib blend.

in all, this was a very simple burger in concept and execution. no frills, no secret sauces or unique meat blends – it is your quiet project work groupmate who doesn’t say much but gets the job done and is reliable all the way through. a decent series of bites for 16.50, and i can understand why it would appeal to purists.

6.5/10 for what it’s trying to do (the fries are scraggly thin and passable)

*not forgetting the pancetta exception, and my love for portobello add-ons 💕


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