Burger Review #3: Moosehead (7.5)

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 11.03.03 AM.png
Note: Moosehead only serves burgers at lunchtime!!!

28HKS (to be reviewed shortly) has held my ‘top SG burger below 30$’ for the past year now – I’ve had it 8 times on various joyous occasions since David brought me there promising excellence, and though the recent trip disappointed with a burnt bun I’d still commend it for the sweet meld of patty and melted cheese (and the Fried Pickles!!!)

Enter Moosehead. The burger boasts a 180g patty, which is at least 30-50g more than the slender/tender patty that 28HKS serves up.

And what a patty it is – on their grill is just a whole armada of marbled patties sizzling in fierce bursts and some of them don tiny cheese caps that hold together for no more than a minute before they quiver and melt and run down the sides of the patty that is itself graced with a rub of sorts (or just simple salt&pepper off a seasoned grill??)  then seared with a savoury crust

For an additional 2$, you get bacon that is curled into a nice crisp!! The best bacon-in-a-burger that I’ve had locally thus far*, and in a nicely balanced two slice portion too.

All this flavor is held together by two soft buns (not quite the crisp buttered brioche of Butcher’s Club in Hongkong, but then Moosehead has a waaaaaay better patty), and the mush of the bun has a surprisingly dense sweetness and richness when compared to emptier/airier sesame seed buns. Sorta like the top grade pumpkin buns that Omakase custom orders.

My only gripe is that they left the onions rawer than Cena’s WWE segment when a caramelised offering would have completed the burger.

The popular cauliflower dish was also quite a let-down because I had tried Cheek By Jowl’s cauliflower puree starter two weeks back and loved it despite my distaste for cauliflower, but this was just a real solid sauce and CARAMELISED ONIONS??? laid atop a crunchy, almost raw tasting cauliflower complete with ugly little aeoli-ish buds and a bitter stalk/stem. Save the 14$.

Overall, a good competitor to 28HKS, though Navin ‘No Problem’ Pillay agreed that the two represent rather distinct genres of burgers. But more on this another time – please hope with me that I’ll get to try Burnt End’s beef burger soon 😁😁😁

*though the crisp pancetta bacon that I had in Amsterdam with a wagyu patty remains a flavor pairing that is seared into my taste buds just imagine with me if you will a barely-there sliver of glazed pancetta bacon so thin that it molds itself to the patty, when you take your bite it is a comfortable mouthspace that you don’t always get with bacon that is thicker or ‘higher’ and thus less united with the patty…


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