it is 3:30 am

just took myself through a full range of movement – toe touching, stretches, twisting my torso horizontally..

it’s almost funny when i relive it – here i am, in BTC, listening to my Heavy Hands podcast (on loudspeaker) re: the evolving mentality of an ageing fighter, and i finish a set of physio with my right hand, so i decide to “give my left hand some work” and i pick up the dumbbell and swing it onto the rack as i have done in the past.

i swish my body back and prepare to take a sip of water when the pain hits. so i head back to my seat in tbe study room.

the victim of my careless swing is my left upper back. it feels like something got tweaked, a strange strain or twinge nestles around my shoulder blades and stretches up onto my neck.

two hours pass, it is 2pm, i go for my ‘Tea Session’ at a firm. there is a lovely lady who is also one of the first female Senior  Counsels and i thoroughly enjoy her short sharing despite being hunched over in an attempt to find a comfortable ‘resting’ position. the mee siam is warm and rather tasty 😋

it is also a bit funny that, in a moment of desperation on my way over, i used the mrt pole to try and rub out the pain in my upper back. it feels like it helped (???) but i can’t be sure.

my back and neck stiffened up by tbe time that i got home after finishing up advo, so my mom helped me put on salonpas and i lay down gingerly. 

i think a little kid could beat me up now – i can barely raise my head above eye level, and so i will make my submissions at the mock trial tomorrow with a lowered gaze.

how terribly fragile i am 😬 

Lord, teach me to number and treasure my days of youth and vigor, that i might gain a heart of wisdom.


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