1 John 3:17

read a thread on Reddit today that talked about nice but borderline illegal things that people did, and one of them was putting extra KFC chicken into people’s orders when it was near closing time (which is GREAT because can you imagine 2pc crispy thigh and breast then suddenly become FOUR PIECE wa i’m just so happy sitting here typing this)

then i thought – if i who lack nothing rejoice so readily and abundantly at unexpected gifts (like when the Yoshinoya server gives me a bit more beef), what more those who are in great need..

like the unemployed lady with four kids who walked up to the counter to pay for winter clothing and got told by the cashier that Today’s your lucky day!! The clothes are 40% off

and of course they really weren’t, but the cashier was using her discretion and her staff discount, but just imagine how that lady with the kids felt when she got told that

i do enjoy a great many things that involve much expenditure, but much of that comes from being able to close my eyes most of the time to the many needs that are around me



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