there are days when i feel like i’ve drawn the short end of the stick over and over again, that i’ve somehow lucked out with people and am receiving an unfair amount of dislike.

on days like that, it helps to remember that neighbours that have seen me grow from a 10 yr old kid into a 25 yr old kid still greet me warmly when we meet in the lift, though i don’t know their names, and wish me all the best when i explain that i’m done with uni and headed off to the Big Bad Working World.

the waitresses and aunties at the zhu cao place below my house are always super happy to see me though all i do is order salted egg chicken rice (10/10) and mee sua with seafood changed to lean pork when i am ill. 

i haven’t earned any of that, but i’m very thankful for it :—) 


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