things that happened:

– went to fikri’s house for hari raya n ate half a jar of choc chip macademia cookies that he baked

– began week 2 of part B reunited with fellow Tay, which is a familiar comfort amidst the spread of new faces

– got trapped by heavy rain and tweeted dramatically about it till gid appeared w a brolly that was beautiful in its brokenness n res q ed me

– had a SPLENDID muchachos dine with levine dog lover and received SPLENDID NEWS

– received more SPLENDID NEWS of the same variety from an old gold pal.. :’)

– went for Alpha in 1Alt and ate 2000k calories in a single meal (thanks to 7 choc chip financiers and stacks of smoked salmon)

things that i am excited about:

– muchachos PART II with ruf who is now an old fogey and who is v ready for it, having had the habit of fist-shaking @ young uppity kids since she was 5

– getting through the week of tutorials T_T

– the pepes starting work tomorrow, i am immensely excited and cannot wait for brilliance, discipline and kindnss to bear good fruit




– starting Alpha 🙂

in all this there is much to rejoice over and be grateful for. still, the world remains painfully inscrutable. i know that evil is real, yet so much of me is revolted and perplexed in equal parts – that people rape people, that Trump is holding his own in the polls, that families fracture and good women (and men) fizzle out. 

Keller said something interesting this morning, that so many legends go like this: 

“there is a good king, and under his reign the land flourished and the people were joyful. but for some reason he is now gone, and the land despairs and is in darkness till he returns to make everything right.”

you see this in Arthurian legend, and even in Robin Hood as the band of Merry Men await the return of Richard the Lionheart, or in LOTR as the land groans under the weight of evil and awaits the true ‘King of the North’ to restore things.

the hands of the King are healing hands, and thus shall the rightful King be known

then we compare this to the record of actual kings: tyranny, greed, slavery, and it is no wonder that monarchy has bowed to democracy.

yet – we are a people obssessed with royalty. England has its Queen (and Prince William, and Kate Middleton), and where that is absent we crown individuals with celebrity and power and dream up superheros. 

“if only we elected Obama (or Biden, or Bernie)… s/he would fix this country. S/he would make things right.”

we long for a King, a powerful and peaceful figure that will rule with justice and love. 

and deep down, we all hope that this King might even know us. and look upon us with favor? with approval? deeper still, that the King might care for us, or delight in us.

what if there was a King who did all that He could to rescue a stubborn and stiff-necked people, even to the point of death?

You laid aside Your majesty / gave up everything for me

Thank You for the cross, Lord (-:


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