Leah ve Me A Loan LOL pound 4 pound worst title 2016

tonight was a bit weird and tiring. i think my body is not as 100% as i would like it to be, and that just underscores my larger disappointment with things:

firstly, why i am not yet well, or why i was even this ill in the first place, and that’s just this flu – there’s the elbow, which is its own set of pain and sadness

it is also q peculiar and draining to look at my wardrobe and realise that i lack formal wear, but also that i do not have the $$?? and will to acquire the necessary pieces

then i caught Gross Pastas and was just so so so so so bothered by K8 McDonald’s camp performance that (to me) was drenched in over-acting and try hard, and i just placed it alongside excellent female actors who do comedy so well like MS SWAN (LOL but also i mean just look at Mel McCarthy in the same movie, and also the wonderful and brave Leslie Jones – if i can borrow a chunk from the guardian,  Completing the new dynamic foursome are Leslie Jones’s subway employee Patty Tolan, lending a laugh-out-loud edge to some less-than-sharp material (she’s smart and funny enough to neutralise the controversy that surrounded the film’s racial politics), and Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann, a whizz-kid inventor who comes on like a cross between Lori Petty’s Tank Girl and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Emmett Brown, with little of the zany charm of the latter and a touch of the faux-punchiness of the former << spot on. so spot on.. ) and found myself so upset and bothered

and Part B looms with its strange mix of elective and core subjects and this is not how i thought i’d feel 

so i am p disappointed with a whole host of things tonight, even if one of my top phrases is that “it is always Leah in the morning”, and at moments when i feel abnormally worn out from all these small let-downs it helps to remember that

that i can surrender even the petty and trivial cares that flood my day to a Heavenly Father above. 


i am also terribly hungry brrr i wonder if the Robocop Macs is 24/7??


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