these few days i have been eating like a NUMBER ONE 

 ok so on fryday i knew that dinner was gona b a foodsplosion so i just ate a small lunch with 2 pieces of mackerel (saba) fish that me mom baked

then otw to dinner i found myself mysteriously inside Fullerton so i mean what to do how can one escape the persistent hand of Mother Destiny… i, Destiny’s Child, enjoyed 1.60 worth of ondeh ondeh it was a sweetsplosion of chilled gula melaka amidst a soft swirl of coconut bits and chewy potato flour goodness 🤗

then dinner @ chatty chee and wow just wow it was good to sit there with pals and dine on some fine food and moonshine but at the end of a dinner where i ate giden’s pizza crusts cos the dough was so yum,

so that was a bit overboard yes i admit it and before i went 2bed i resolved to make the next day one of Discipline and Control of Self and Mastery of the Will
then i met an old pal at Ridout T Garden Macs and

how it happened was that i wanted to try the salt egg yolk burg 

so i did (it is a mcspicy w a weak sauce slathered on top.. nice cos mcspicy is nice but the sauce, while not FLAVORLESS, was a let down)

then i saw next to the cashier this offer for a Spicy Cutlet at JUST $2 (it was goooood like a compressed mcspicy patty w MORE BATTER and MORE YUM i q enjoyed it)

then on the wall there was a large illuminated ad board yelling about ssssalted caramel dip cone and so i caved to the cone and it was decently delicious

dinner was much of the same: i ordered a bowl of chicken tripe soup to help balance out the rabak lunch but ended up at a koi

no regrets, the machiatto is cool sweet milky froth propped up by a small pour of jasmine green tea i have loved it since our lips first met (me and the cup)

yeah what a weekend

the next week WILL BE A WEEK OF RESTRAINT!!!!!!!



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