my homie what emerges when u pop dat coke tab homie????

1. one of the very best bits about this whole sorry tragedy must be when they go

“how did you get injured??”

and i say “oh, pushups.. and pullups…”

“hmm how many did you do?”

“a thousand… each…”

then their faces always morph from “oh dear..” to “U DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM” as if they were possessed by ruf LOL

2. one good thing about the walk from the bus stop to the hospital is that it is long and so i got to finish a whole apple though i had to chomp at a slightly uncomfortable speed

3. when i dug in my bag for some funds to foot me bill my bible emerged for a breather and my physio was like “ah.. truly a Joseph”

LOL which is like

wot does that mean mate

so i just said “haha.. yes God willing…”

HAHAHAHAHA but okay yes she seems smart and is p nice though she leapt into “my dear” then “CHILD” then “DDDDARLING” dam quickly like whoa i known u all of 10mins m8 and i’m blissfully a straw or reed roof covering….



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