i remember being in Y1 and sitting at a bench and saying “i need to do this just eight times” 

(then exchange happened and it became 7)
and in 110 minutes i’ll be getting my final sms ever. 

however that goes – God, You have been so so kind and faithful to me. for all the answered prayers that i promptly forgot about as new wants and desires popped up, for all the good things that only grew my appetite for MORE instead of leading me to pause and be content and thankful, for incredible things like LAWIV and exchange (!!!) and fabulous classes and getting my electives and fantastic moments of sheer ridiculousness and joy with treasured friends.

who knows how the year will go? the market is bad (when is it not for someone, right), many things are uncertain (rephrase: i have options, but can still grumble), but despite all that, my cup truly runs over. i am grateful (-:


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