(was thinking of going with ‘grotty snot’ for the sound of the words but caved and went with ‘grimy’ instead)

today i was ill all day for the full day so i had plenty of time because i had to cancel a lunch appointment (boo) and a moot appointment (sorry k navin p and homies..)

i spent most of my time sleeping… but after watching s2e1 daredevil (WOW BANG!! BANG!!!) and washing the dishes (far less exciting, but i’m happy to keep it that way), i got to the toilet for the UMPTEENTH time today and blew my nose again and splashed some water on my face and felt my neck for a temp again and i looked at myself in the mirror and was like

HOW RIDICULOUS IT IS that i am a man who is now done with formal education

and who has friends that care for him

and some who even hold him in moderate regard

you know how sometimes you dress up and your outfit feels on point and your hair and face feel TOP and you look at your reflection and think DAMN that is one fine human i am a swaglord descending to earth to grace humans with my graceful graces

well as i looked at me in the mirror i just felt quite overwhelmed with gratefulness, that my base form is some snively snotty enervated messy-haired awkward-limbed (barely-has-a-voice) ((no-energy-for-jokes-or-funny-observations)) human, and still i am very loved – here is my mom who has 101 things to do herself, but who is instead cleaning up after me and fetching me towels and food and assorted beverages

1 thess 5 tells us to give thanks in all circumstances, and colossians 2:7 speaks of the believer who is ‘overflowing with gratitude'(and snot??? what about copious nose-rivers of grimy snot????), and while i often forget this i am truly über grateful tonight. thank You Lord 🙂


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