this used to be my NUS password (protip: verses make gr8 passwords cos capitalized and symbol and numbers BOOM)

and wa as much as i tell myself daily to


it never quite goes away, the conception of ‘success’ as having more, and more, and more, more achievement, more possession, even the careful disguise of ‘safety and security’ and the old adage about rainy days can become another endless climb for MORE SECURITY MORE SAVINGS FOR MORE MEDICAL EMERGENCIES AND 

ya i can read 1000 verses about

“do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit”

“look at the flower in the field; their Heavenly Father clothes them, what more you?”

“i can be content in hunger”

but all that without Jesus is just good advice that can end up suffocating a person with the pressure of ‘right living’

i find myself most content when i am most prayerful – when, as with Proverbs 30 above, i cry out to God to say: change my heart. 

help it be content. 

help me not have more than i can handle. 

help me to cease this constant self-absorption that will surely drive me to an inward ugliness if left unchecked.

give me neither riches nor poverty, but only my daily Bread – only You, Jesus – and all that i need to get by. 

help me to be generous with all else that i own. 

grant me the blessed self-forgetfulness that comes when i consider Jesus, who

though being in very nature God, did not consider Godhood something to be grasped, to be brandished about, but humbled Himself, even to the point of death. 

so it was with Him, so may it be with me.



  1. when I saw the title of your post, it led me to google “Job Situation” and my oh my the stress and anxiety of being a young responsible working adult came at me in ~~W A V E S~~ and I thought this can’t be it. So I quickly change to “Job Situation God” and everything started to make a lot more sense :’)

    So thank you for reminding me of the “Job Situation” that really matters, how Job’s suffering played a part in continuous spiritual nourishment for his soul and I leave you with this “God had grown much bigger, and Job had become smaller in his eyes”. We indeed need to empty ourselves to be filled.

    Let us continue to lay everything down at his feet and please pray for me because now is my time to s t r u g g l e why is it so much easier to encourage others but yourself hur hur hur #life

    p.s. also fren, did you see my fruit comment?


    1. HAHAHA ‘Job Situation God’ is a fabulous search entry… we do indeed need to be empty to be filled. And we do also need to be good stewards of time and talent. Will pray for you m88 i know how it gets praying for health n sleep n above all that you will see God more clearly and dearly during this period of academic struggle 🙂

      (yes i did 😎)


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