being a grouch

five minutes after grabbing lunch to-go and stepping out of my house in polished shoes and neat clothes, i felt the first drop of rain at the 100 bustop.
as things went, 100 pulled up at that very moment, and i was like:

“SHOULD I take the bus to commonwealth and drop there!!!”

“but that will cost like 70c or something, and i’m just 5 minutes from buona v, and i have an umbrella”

so i gave 100 the coldest of shoulders, and it drove on, and i flared open my small navy brolly and stepped out.

10 seconds later, the drippety-drop drizzle had swelled into a roar of rain that swung itself at me with an UNWARRANTED FEROCITY like hello did i disrespect your mom… 

and the 5 min walk to the mrt suddenly seemed dam long as my shorts began to get soaked, then i felt the first trickle of water run past my ankle and into my shoes, then the first squelch, the wind had also picked up a menagerie of wild dirt clods and grass bits and persisted in tossing them at my calves to see if they’d stick

when i finally hit the mrt i made a beeline for the washroom to clean myself up but WEW there was the most pungent poop smell a supreme payload an undoubtedly off-putting butt-pooping and 

i rly felt DAMN SORRY for myself then HAHAHA like walao… my day is as ruined as my water-logged shoes, i now have to walk barefoot to the Green line, my brolly has strange smudges of Nature plastered all over it and i smell like rain and WHY DID I NOT TAKE BUS 100…..

but yes some days you make good decisions and keep your pants dry, others you make a mis-step and drench your drawers. 

i’m on the train now, and my butt didn’t get wet, so i can enjoy my seat without dirtying my bare feet or dirtying the seat.

i saw a well-dressed girl hiding under her hoodie on the way to the mrt, and was a bit too absorbed in the largeness of the rain and the smallness of my umbrella to offer help. i wish i had though – all that’s really suffered is my comfort, and who knows where she might have been going.

*my shorts have dried and my shoes.. are on their way. small steps forward!!



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