it is 12:25 am

and i need to be up mega early to do like 100000 things including the long-awaited driving that samyt kindly cajoled me to get down to plus return and clear out lockers and find some place to stash the locker-innards

but today has been just a

like i don’t know how to speak about it sort of day

i guess chronology helps:

it started with the Cavaliers breaking the all-time NBA 3 pointers made in a game record

i then had a Bible study session and 1000 things including walking about town w my mom

and i finished my book on science and started a book on the Trinity, both of which have made me rather glad but also woefully aware of my ignorance

then i had a mega dinner and ate a lot more than i should have

then i got home and i watched DOTS ep 2 (ha yes fine)

then i watched the three videos for Pink Dot this year

then i opened up a faith collective

then i received emails about LinkedIn

i think – what i am trying to say is – i am surprisingly tired tonight, and it also feels like my day is just beginning, i have also thought many angry and unkind thoughts today and – it is at moments like these that i am glad that the Father loves the Son whole-heartedly, and that Jesus does the same for us. oh, that love might fill me and sustain me through all these travails.

(yes, i am sufficiently weary to use ‘travails’)


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