what a night

1. got to meet littlemissbento who is super delightful and a bunch of other people that i cannot name because they do not have 188k follower instagram accounts but food just tastes so much better when you have company like her around – she was down to earth, unabashedly enjoying her food and just sharing story after story about her personal foodventures. it is such a such a joy to be around people who can be that way?? not self conscious, just putting their enjoyment and ecstatic moments out there in a sincere and self-effacing way……………

2. so the pictures are on instagram but this is what i said:

OKAY heads up tonight was a dream come true finally got to try @lennardy ‘s 11 course meal with giden and just… ridiculousness, and overwhelming thankfulness as i ate each meticulously prepared dish. right now i’m still on my sofa and reeling from it all but while it’s fresh, here goes!! (also – i did not take pictures of q a few courses because i hungry and also i lazy but HERE GOES!!!)

abalone, yuzu: thin slices w butter, then cut-up chunks coated with flaky Panko breadcrumbs.. i usually supa hate abalone during CNY but Panko is genius and butter is life

okay the gnocchi was incredible – i’ve had truffled gnocchi in Florence and it was alternately too mushy and too mochi-ed in varying clumps so i was honestly 100% unexcited about it, BUT it was such a gentle melt on the tongue like what i’d imagine a Robuchon mashed potato to taste like, but without the buttery weight and with a crisp sear that added a nice edge to that pillow of potato. the green curry was ??!?! i have no idea how it was so fine while keeping a nice even flavor with none of the oil and mess that Thai food can be drenched with, and the ikura was just a beautiful briny burst, a savoury pearl..

there was also a ridic langoustine paired with tart tomato dashi and tartare and the jelly would mold itself to the langoustine bits when you bit down

also spectacular short rib because of how tender and sweet the meat was such that i could pick it apart easily with my fork and savor it with slight cucumber strips and peanut dressing

clam broth with yuzu and mochi char

salmon in juicy flakes w diced chestnut (that got him on Masterchef so you can imagine how sick it was with gochujang butter….)

to round out the meal i had that quivering quenelle of green t eyes cream and i cut into it with my spoon into the slight crust of the financier and dug out a fluffy chunk and clinging to its base was the m i s o white chocolate just a savoury melt that met the fragrance and sweetness of the green tea gently LIKE A LOVER’S KISS OKAY IM DONE GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!!!!

3. goodnight my friends i am still reeling from it all – how did i me joseph get to have the precise sort of dinner that i could otherwise never afford or even come to know of… to try so many different flavor pairings painstakingly conjured up by the mind of lennard wa i remember pausing after each dish out of sheer thankfulness and gratitude.

really really i have just had so many rich and extravagant experiences, none that i lay claim to as things that i deserve, all received with immense joy and just a continual thankfulness.


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