Ravi on Relationships

“Marriage at its core is a promise. If you give someone your word then break it, the next time you look for your self you will not find it there.

It is a privilege to keep your word. It’s not just a ring. Not just a gown. It’s an expression of your will to honor and to commit to a promise.

God hangs the greatest weight upon the smallest wires. Love suffers long and is kind. You have to look at the person that you love and let God convict your heart of its pride and stubbornness so that you can say:

“I am sorry for the needless words that I said that made you feel like you were less than you are. You deserve more than that.”

Beware of anybody who wants you without any commitment to you. It’s so cheap these days – it comes under the guise of ‘freedom’, but it enslaves you to feelings of worthlessness and intense struggle. You are worth someone’s loving commitment. You deserve to be fiercely loved.

And that’s what marriage is. It’s one of the most sacred commitments – to protect, to forgive, to constantly give. It reminds us that people are precious and are deserving of effort and esteem.”


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