i really feel unbearably sad

for the many ways that religion (particularly organized religion)

has exploited and hurt people needlessly

nlbkklnafbsfnakjsldhfajskdfnkjsdfnakjscnasdkfjasdnvkjafsbgaijskdhfakjsdhvnakljsdml,ncalmncaksdfqwieofhunqijkbvaiujkxcbvajksdsnajkncakjsdmnakjsdbvajsduafskuduqireywtrbwnscmqiwodhvoytbwehfjdmckjcvbdsforgwibyhvnecyovhkjnglbs fvfhjd

in particular, where it has not been true

(and when i say true i mean the sort of truth that frees people and builds them up because without love truth is empty and cold)

wa i really cannot express myself properly but what an abjectly awful feeling

s i c k to the core / 把黑说成白

“i’m not buying their stuff anymore – how could they do that to something that i love??”

“afflicted in every way, but not crushed…”


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