i know that i am tired

because my small denim bible felt heavy in my hand today as i stepped out of the house, and my grip on it was iffy

(i discovered a new set of readings last night hohoho)

what a semester it has been

the unbearable toil and delight of LAWIV

then the crush of events and assignments that came after – Jessups, then IRS, then Euro Coy, then Maritime Moot, then EC resubmission, then Maritime resubmission (LOL), then my 3k Soci nightmare, and Public Speaking slurped up a surprising amount of time every alternate week, and before i knew it it was the 6th Of April

and on the 7th day i rested (HAHAHA)

then IRS on the 13th after 10th and 11th April were spent doing the all-you-can-eat challenge with my 24 topics

then Nuptial on the 20th, and Navin’s kindness, and having 4 days to navigate it because next up

is ECL, which is today, 5-11pm. it is 06:47 now and i am 2/8 through the syllabus (3/9 but the first topic is -.-)

i hope to hit 3/8 by 830am!!

and if i just look at all the above it seems like the sem has been a cruel slog, and i suppose it truly has been academically

but Lord my heart is so full

i will likely never have to see the Botanic gate at 7am again

(or run through the Gardens with gid and bang my head on a tree trunk because i got distracted by Snapchat…)

((or get ferried home by lester to conserve my energy for the day ahead))

what a rich four years it has been (-:


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