seriously though what a monster momathon of a paper

i am home and fatigue is finally trickling in but i am also Done!! and before i am Done (For The Day)

– the paper was nuts lol just like what and why

– if you go on facebook you will see a desperate post that i made that contains a desperate screenshot from a desperate email that i shot out to prof G

– and on it everyone is exploding and i do not blame them it was mad

but what i remember best is gid walking in mid paper and laying down a small white box and inside that box was a Reuben Pastrami Sammich that had fallen apart at its center, two fluffy halves  with pastrami piled up in the center like a smoke stack and cheese running off to the sides, he then brought his laptop up and watched max dark comedy and i did my paper and it felt like swimming upstream except it is a tiny river but double except cos i am a tiny tot and not a ful-grown man so i was real struggling but joanne would send in a steady stream of texts and when the urge hit me i would spin around sharply and grab the right half of the Reuben and take a swift n decisive bite

when i submitted my paper at 10:57 i laughed andtook a picture of my messy MR, loaned to me by the kind folk navin and jazi (who let me ring them up and bug them with basic questions), as i packed up my stuff i found myself singing a song

(the paper was truly awful)

but i am truly glad :–)


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