spoke to eug and was reminded of my old password:

Proverbs 30:7-9

as i take my Nuptial Paper with a host of questions buzzing in my head and 2 undone topics and q a bit of fatigue i am reminded of the generous help that i have received and the joyous moments with old and new pals that have marked the past week of cramming

then once i am done at 11pm Hof awaits with another cray paper on Fri that i am 3/10 prepared for

through it all and despite the competing desires and fears warring within me my prayer remains this: that i might receive precisely what i need and be content with that

i know full well that what seems good and right to me is often just indulgence and distraction (like the heavy lunch that i had LOL)

as with every trial and triumph of the past 4 years

i leave this once again in Your hands – i will what You will. however it may turn out, Lord, blessed be Your name. 


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