it is finally the end of a long week

a great number of unexpected conversations and happenings of things

the Lord knows that i have a long way to go, even if much has already been done

tis grace that has brought me safe thus far

and grace will lead me home

so help me Lord. each day I find myself needing You more. take out all this pain that I find inside myself, all these worthless thoughts and desires, all the sin that so easily encumbers. I wish only to know You better, and in so doing, to love You more.


One thought on “11:49

  1. Amen to ^

    In the spirit of your watermelons cold with forget + the fact that I did not have many fruitful days of work, I will like to share this with you. Enjoy.

    FrUiT eNcOuNtEr #1
    also titled: Things to talk about in the kitchen with friends

    “Why is the “passionfruit” called “passionfruit?”
    (if u know pretend you don’t know k)

    and the guesses flooded in, ranging from rational

    “is it the colours?” (reddish-brown-yellow-green)

    to OK CAN
    “when I don’t have a knife and am impatient to dig in, I’ll squeeze it open with my friends and sometimes the flesh will splat out with much vigour (passion)”

    to not rly answering the question bro but ok give you chance
    “if you (passionately) bite into it when it’s unripe (not ready), it will be a bitter experience!!”

    to DEM LOL
    “when you reach the end of the fruit there are some stubborn bits that refuse to come out so you have to try sucking/devouring those (with passion)”

    of course, only google is right so here’s one explanation that was found:

    “The first Jesuit priests in South America found in the complex structure of its beautiful flowers a way to describe the crucifixion, or Passion, of Christ. The flower’s three large styles were the three nails that hammered him to the cross, the five stamens were the five wounds he suffered, the prominent corona the crown of thorns and so on, though presumably they stopped short of saying that the result of all this violent imagery was the intense pleasure of passion fruit.”

    The result of this violent imagery (His sacrifice) was the intense pleasure (the gift of eternal life, the joy of being able to know Him and to be one with Him).


    So takeaways??
    1. this fruit is quite cheem
    2. and also very nutritious
    3. tq God for making a gr8 fruit!!!

    this series will be split up due to time constraint and uni woes. Stay tuned for part 2 of FrUiT EnCoUnTeRs..


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