anw before i go cut up my speech into tiny cards

yesterday some y1 posted an article on my school’s facebook group

and people didn’t take too kindly to it

some even posted really nasty comments of disagreement mocking him

and all i have to say (to myself as much as anyone) is:

the world already has so much h8 all the time

you can add a bit more means u v cool meh??

why not save your 2 mins of hate and go

encourage some friend that you know is having it rough

appreciate some friend who has done nice stuff for you

etc etc etc

i mean if someone is saying things that are potentially HARMFUL or RACIST or SEXIST then ya la do others a public service and stand up for something worthwhile

but if you just want to take a proud person down a peg

why not give a struggling friend a leg up instead

can?? correct????????

ok gnight


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