you’re watching channelnewsasia

my dad is you

my dad is watching channelnewsasia

and i am on the couch next to him thinking that:

it was just this tuesday that i was scribbling out a skeletal for my subs

– then my tutor took ill and cancelled wed’s tutorial so i spent the morning shading in the skeletal

– 1-4 pm had class and a presentation that we somehow aced

– 4-6 sUffUsing the subs with last push of power

– 6-9 class (tutor caught me not having done readings)

– 9-1030 cited and submitted subs 

then boom thursday i hit school at 8am, and spent 9-3 pm studying 7 lecture topics and 16 chapters of my textbook for  a 20% quiz at 4pm wow i rly crammed harder than kr students aboard the A2 shuttle

and by 930 my moot subs were untouched but i couldn’t take it so i KO-ed supa early for the first time since p5 (back then my mom bought my toothpaste*)

– woke at 430am

– struggled through today and somehow made it to the moot and

<The Moot>

1. i knew that general knowledge qns would be asked so i was rightly terrified bc i only know broad moving emotive points i am basically politician masquerading as student

2. and true enough after grilling my co-mooter with the enthusiasm of sec sch class at their first chalet bbq g man turned to me and said “so joseph, who wrote the colregs?”

and guess what though i had resolved to prep general knowledge my resolve fizzled out after the first fact, which happened to be Who Wrote The COLREGs (Trinity House)

so wow

3. had l0vely dinner w tru fam / thought a lot about the many people that i have received gr8 kindness from 

the thing that has stuck w me the most after this week that was truly packed like cai fan if u jia too much fan is still danny’s sharing during pg

how can i really enjoy gd food gd gear gd times when people around me are starving shivering struggling

just look at the Christians in Acts 2.. 

And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.”

‭‭p l s r e m e m b e r

gal 5:13

you have been set free, but do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh. instead, serve one another humbly in love

teach me to hold things loosely and to love people fiercely Lord

goodnight friends :—)

*not much has changed mom still picks my toothpaste and i love her for it :’)


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