today was a fairytale

1. got sabotaged to present in nuptial law but my instinct did not fail me so despite my lack of prep i managed to negotiate a deal that a professional salvage boi approved of (basically 90% comedy like “honestly we need the award to stay afloat.. if not we’ll need salvage ourselves” and 10% law) and the class and prof g laughed and paul enjoyed himself so PTL!!

2. i was queueing for carrot cake cos prawn mee closed today and i thought “GG SURE LATE” but then i realised that my DAD was ahead of me in the q so he helped me buy and i had a swag breakfast

3. if you are my friend on FB you might know that i posted a picture of the eclipse that got picked up by ST after i shared it with our PM L O L i thank God for the chance to bring some lols into the lives of friends (it certainly cracked me up dam badly in nuptial class)

AND special shoutout to those who liked it before ST posted it thank you for enjoying my jokes unabashedly even though many of them are often downright weird, it is ez to like a photo if everyone else is but u found me funny even when it wasn’t cool to do so!! so thank you for being brave enough to like what you like :–)



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