ufc 196

okay it’s been 90 minutes since conor mcgregor quick tapped to a rear naked choke, and 

1. i do feel quite shaken. part of it is realising how much of my time i’ve spent watching every interview, reading every article, i was eating and doing squats and falling asleep to mcG interviews, and it’s making me reflect on how i spend my waking hours.

2. part of it is also the absolutely brutal nature of the loss: 
– mcG came out strong in round 1, albeit with less of his usual flowy movement, but didn’t get the ko

– round 2: the legend of his iron chin takes a huge hit because nate’s punch rocked him cleanly and staggered him, and he couldn’t recover

– mcG gets wrestled so so easily. this makes his ground game look terrible.

– then Diaz locks in the choke and mcG taps in two seconds (contrast this to Holly Holm who struggled till she passed out….), though he’s always claimed that he’d sooner die, and it was just a terribly humiliating moment.

3. i actually like the guy. he worked his way up, won in spectacular fashion, had a real passion for fighting, fans and Ireland, never forgot his roots. but man oh man, he crossed the line so many times with his jeers and taunts, and now he’s really going to have to sit and take all that he’s dished out and more

I still remember walking out of school with Gid and hearing his name for the first time / that scintillating 13 second ko and the wild whooping that followed / seeing him get started on flashy suits, watches, cars… 

as joanne rightly said, believing in mcG’s superhuman promises was bound to disappoint. but i’m glad in a way to have enjoyed Mystic Mac at his prime, to bask in the aura of invincibility. 

i always get into these things for the stories, then i read too much and fall for the actual person, and so – boi, i hope you get your head straight, get back to your roots and ditch all that junk that you’ve filled your life with. your suits still look good, your movement is intact. UFC 200 – i’ll be watching 🙂


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