the king kills when the prince feels power

spent a lot of tonight doing really strange things

  • eating a whole bunch of leftover chocolate from the 3-day LAWIV carnival
  • heard a JT cover that was p good despite a strange rap bit by some guy who looks like DC Pierson
  • decided to google Bino out of nowhere and woah he has a new show coming up (and i’m plugged in to his old stuff now and it’s so good……. quality truly is immortal)

it’s a bit crazy to think that last Sat was Jessups and that massive (mammoth) win, then a long slog into the night for my Prestige essay, and the week has flown by and projects and work are just clambering atop one another to clamor for my attention

i think – one of the happiest moments i had this week was working on a new mammoth video. it’s not the coolest or the greatest, but it was a moment of remembering the stuff that i love to do. there’s a reason why i always praise those who devote themselves wholly to pure entertainment, it is very difficult and very scary to talk into a camera.

it is also my last semester. this is just one of many similar statements that i will make as the weeks run themselves down and my final summer break pops up to wave goodbye but w o w this is huge enough to make exams look small for a bit.

baby i’m your hero

donald for spiderman

i’m in love with you

but this is not tennis

it was interesting to learn about anomie today, the feeling of restlessness that one has when displaced from society, pushed to the fringes, swept to the sides by change and revolution

“in but not of”

w0t d0es it f33l lik3 to l00k @ the wav3 cres+


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