mid-sem check

it is Day 4 of my 9 Day recess week

Day 1: LAWIV Night 2

Day 2: LAWIV Night 3

Day 3: my long awaited day with joanne :>

Day 4: ongoing, but we finally cleaned up the audi and left it in a p good state if you ask me

so here i am, half the semester gone, and i have b a r e l y begun on my 5 modules (5 because i am overloading).

i just did a mini check and the next 3 weeks look mega daunting because:

  • I have a mid-term assignment (2.5k) due next Mon, but before i do that i have to catch up for the 4 straight classes that i missed entirely due to LAWIV and falling ill
  • i also have my first graded speech due next Tues
  • then i have a group project due on the 11th of March for Euro Coy Law(lagging behind by 3 classes)
  • then i have a mini moot on the 18th of March for Maritime (lagging behind by 2 classes that i missed entirely), which means that memo submission will be around the 11th
  • i also have a 3000 word term paper for Soci due 1st April, but that feels further away
  • i also have to… do that school thing where i read my notes and go for classes and woo

in the meantime, Bon Iver sings this Friday, Jessups is this Saturday and I have a whole bunch of meetups to keep and birthdays owed.

i think it feels extra daunting because i actually got more diligent over the course of law school, but now work has truly truly piled up.. no regrets, LAWIV was fantastic, aaaaand now it’s time to meet this challenge head-on.


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