ok botanic gardens

ok sun v hot

– joanne and eu liked my moving in dance at the corner HO HO HO i try to dance like no one’s watching but glad that they enjoyed the incomprehensible swirls n twirls

– many people that i do not know have come to say encouraging things it is very :’) after 6 years off the stage

– it is lovely to stand on stage and to be alive… to feel the crowd out there like a giant puppy waiting to get a belly scratch HAHAHA

– it is incredible to think of how much work has gone into these three short nights / so much goes unseen from so many quarters so many people selflessly giving… so though sometimes a production, being a pressure cooker, can bring out the worst in people, it very often brings out some of the best bits of people too, and i have now slipped swiftly out of the sun and into the reassuring shade of school so goodbye!! a final show tonight and it’s a wrap 😊


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