if you have followed the recent spate of nba/Monty Williams posts

the first one is here:


and the second one here:


and i think you can tell that by the second post i had gotten pretty mad

then today morning i watched this, his eulogy at the funeral:

and for the first half i was just silent, he seemed so impassive, then when he began to touch on forgiveness i lost it because.. desiringgod put it this way:

Monty Williams had been forgiven too much to hold even his wife’s death against anyone. How much could someone possibly steal from you today?

and i know i always say this, that if you have been forgiven much you can love much, when you have been deeply forgiven you can love deeply. but to see myself rise up in rage at another’s tragedy, then to see the victim of that tragedy overcome fear and anger with forgiveness and love…

Monty also said this:

God loves us. And that’s what my wife, and that’s what I tried to, however badly, exhibit on a daily basis. But God does love us. He loved me so much that He sent His son to die for my sins. I for one know that I am not the man you guys see every day. And only God could cover that. He loved me so much that He gave me a wife that loved every part of me.

Change my heart Lord. May I be like You.


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