So more details on the death of the NBA coach’s wife are out. Donaldson is the lady who died on the spot after her car crashed into Ingrid’s car.

“Donaldson’s car was clocked at 92 mph 1.2 seconds before the crash… The speed limit on the stretch of road where the crash occurred, between the 1300 and 1400 block of S Western Avenue, is 40 mph.

Donaldson had been ticketed repeatedly in Moore for speeding, municipal records there show.”

This is why I am hard on friends who take drink driving or speeding lightly. It’s just crazy to play around like that on the road when the penalty for error is so high.

And look – everyone knows a friend or two who takes speed limits lightly and who isn’t shy about being “known for driving quickly or dangerously”, ha ha ha it’s so funny that Person X is reckless and speeds all the time, well it’s not. And when we respond to such comments lightly or treat such a reputation with humor or acceptance then we are complicit in the awful behavior of people who drive with scant regard for their own safety, and thus the safety of others. Please don’t do that, please be brave and show tough love.


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