today was incredible

i was incredibly disheartened when i woke and still had a temp and a croaky voice, then when i got to school the aircon hit 

and i really hate aircon when i’m running a temp it shuts me down so i was wearinf 4 layers and wrapping my neck with my wool cardi

then it was the first run and my mind was just so slow it felt like i was paddling through sludge and i dropped cues and it wasn’t gr88

but thank You Lord for meds that let me function

thank You for brothers and sisters to pray with 

thank You for putting a song in my heart that i could lean on

thank You for kind friends who will ask about me, and get me fruit cups, and stop to sit beside me and pray, to offer more meds and support and encouragement

thank You for a good run and for all the tiny moving parts that make up our production

would You help us love each part as we near the end of this long long project

and for the many that are weary and heavy laden, as Danny prayed, 

we rest in the everlasting arms 

all this is from You Lord, and all that we do is for You. our eyes are on You 🙂


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