I’ve been thinking a lot about LAWIV.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who reads this space/knows me.

It once consumed my waking hours because I was acting, then I tried to take on Scheduling (but gave it up to truth my splendid comm m8s), and now it is a minute past midnight on the 10th of February and we are 8 days away from showtime and it is




all the time, again and again over and over

I haven’t touched schoolwork for days now, unless you count frenzied pre-lesson scrambles.

Got lucky there, because my midterms are all after LAWIV ends (though that will be a crazy rush), and.. my classes are rather forgiving. Though this does put a definitive end to my post-exchange streak of discipline and diligence and being more on top of work than I was in my early years.

Loads of us are really tired.

Just thought I would say (to myself, and to everyone who might see this) that – LAWIV is huge, and it is the sum of many ‘moving parts’ (as Gid would say), and so much has gone into it that it feels like one of those banks during the sub-prime crisis!!!! It simply simply simply SIMPLY cannot fail, and I must bend my back to prop it up at all costs.

BUT (and let me dwell on this so that it is drilled into my thick skull) it is just a musical at the day’s end.

And that being so, all we can do is give our best, make sure that everyone is okay and enjoying themselves and feeling good about performing on a stage in front of hundreds of judging eyes, and just. Get out there and do it.

So here’s to the frenzy and the furores that will burst into full bloom over the next week or so, and to the moments of silence amidst it all where I can take a knee and be alone with my thoughts and expectations and hopes, and God, who has made all this possible, and reset my heart and mind to just – give my best for the people watching, and for the people running the show, that in all things Christ might be seen and His love made known.

Ok tomorrow 10am public speaking GOODNIGHT WORLD


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