2 Happy Things Today

*1. realizing upon waking up that stephen curry had made 8/9 three pointers in the first quarter of his game, which is just nuts, which made me do this half run-walk stride on my way to school so i could catch some of the match (i looked like a 100% kid esp with my new haircut.. to think that i’m almost 25). what a joy it was to be so excited and enthralled by a sport though :’)

2. going to island creamery with joanne and initially wanting ping pong milo but getting pulut hitam instead and being utterly surprised (though i had eaten it before) at how good it tasted?? i mean okay it is 5x a potong stick but it is also 5x the flavor and creaminess :’)

3. having basil as a co-actor he is so delightful to cavort around on stage with.. who would have thought that one day we’d end up sharing the spotlight??

4. gid’s moment of brilliance re: costume changes i am 100000% grateful

*5. being able to pick up my phone and dial my mom at 10pm because i was hungry and having her so cheerfully agree to make me some supper

(the two starred* items are those that i had in mind when i popped open wordpress but the other three just swam into vision as i began my post so here you go buy 2 get 3 FREE 😁)


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