“and rest these days is neither deep nor simple, but it is essential. what is rest? after each piece of Creation, God looked at His work and said: it is good. He was satisfied.

and the very thought of being deeply satisfied sounds crazy to us because we are so used to striving and straining to do or prove or accomplish something. to prove to others, and most of all to ourselves, that we have value. that we matter. we work, and we think about work, and through gadgets and in pockets of our head we worry about work unceasingly.

but listen – it is not the physical work that makes us weary but the mind, the eternal inner murmur, the self-reproach. this is not good. this is not up to standard, it is not finished, it is not enough.

and if you cannot enjoy your work and set it down then ‘relaxing’ doesn’t help you. no amount of leisure will give you an ounce of rest.

you can work harder and push and push yourself for that satisfaction, that award or pat on the back, and you might get it today, but what about tomorrow? 

Jesus says this in Matthew 11 – “come unto me, all ye who are heavy laden, and you will find rest.” only through me will you be able to look at your work and enjoy it and put it down. 

that when God looks at us, we can rest not on our works and our deeds but His. not our record, but Jesus’ record. (2 Cor 5:21)

when God looks at us, He can say “it is good”. and the only set of eyes in the world that you should have to prove yourself to will say – “this is my beloved, with whom i am well pleased

the work beneath the work, the work of becoming Someone that truly truly makes you weary is never finished. trying to apprehend that leaves us spent and dry. but if you believe in Jesus’ work on the cross, then He says to you with love – it is finished. come, and have rest.”


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