you were kind

some songs have shaped my time in London

Gamble – Lucy Rose

Slow Motion – Phox

Riptide – Vance Joy (my remix lolol)

ok there are many more but right now i am thinking of Gamble.. i bet if i checked my diary i could find lyrics in the margins ha ha ha very basic 🍕😑🍕

i think.. that LAWIV has been very un-ending, but while it has crowded out many things from my mind it has also reminded me again and again and again again again again of how badly i would like to be /more/ musical

okay i have not done a post like this in a while but i still have 4 stops to go so here are some moments that will always stay with me (some names redakted):

– when i first took to the stage in sec 4 with fabian to do Only One and it ended and every1 was clapping / but even then Janey Sim said that i should stick to playing the guitar what kind of a discouraging three-day old crabstick comment is that

– ares fac outing AUDITION i did It Means Nothing on my acoustic 

– ares fac outing 4 real i did FDOML and said that it was an original and j came up to me when we were boarding the train out from sentosa and said “you sang that really well it was v nice thank you”

– when i was walking to daily scoop with leroy and singing Diamonds Are Forever and an angmoh lay d stopped me and said “you sound good”

– when i got into Law School and t said that when i did Midnight Highway in jc it moved a girl to tears

– then during Orientation i was singing to myself and c said “eh guys joseph can sing leh”

– when i made friends with k on tmblr from Boston and he found my soundcloud and said that he would give up anything to sing Lua like i did

– everyone laughing during Talenttime (and the Assumption Song during Dramafeste)

– when i did Missing Parts on soundcloud and i said it made her cry

– on exchange in a hostel lobby in amsterdam i was singing something and these two strangers said “wow you have a good voice you should join The Voice” (LOL)


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