How My Day Was

Things That Went Not-Too-Well Today:

  1. i had good ideas for the publicity videos but execution was so so
  2. it was a hot walk to the mrt
  3. carrying a guitar home by hand is n0 j0ke
  4. i forgot to have lunch
  5. my body is an ageing body

Things That Went Well Today:

  1. juliet gave me a lift to school!!
  2. beckman gave me knowledge because i could actually follow 50% of the lesson
  3. the thai stall aunty gave me a whole lotta prawns and chicken 🙂
  4. rehearsal was tiring but excellent i loved seeing dankateda enjoying the doors
  5. this is not a thing

but i am listening to my soundcloud from waaaaay back while reading my archives* from the start of exchange** and wow……

*ruf u egg before you get a word in i want to point out that i have not read my archives all year so no u may not mock me

**ok i share this post with you all: (tbh this post is such a lovely snapshot of how my mind works it was great fun to read)


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