so tonight i re-read one of my favorite favorite relationship articles (the famous one about making bids and kindness being a muscle)

and i found this post!!!


where i talk about Jessups (27th feb), and LAWIV (19-21st Feb!!), and also about loooooooove

and it so happens that i’m making my slow, nooby way through the Old Testament again, and it’s not easy with LAWIV slurping up my time through a giant straw and school beckoning in the distance but one thing that i’ve realised is:

that as i read the OT, it really really super truly is a compilation of stories about messed up people who choose to lie to each other and cheat and connive and be jealous and angry and upset.. and as i waited in line for the hor fun stall today i clutched my denim bible and thought – isn’t it unfair?? that God somehow chooses to be kind and nice and bless these.. awful humans?? who just can’t stop messing each other up??

(i mean just take a look at this:

  • early on, Cain kills Abel in his jealousy and anger
  • then you have Abraham who is God’s favorite but ALSO A MAN WHO lies to people about his wife, which almost brings a plague down on those people (plus it risks his wife??)
  • then Isaac does it too cos he damn scared cos his wife v beautiful
  • and Jacob is a mega swindler number 1 with Esau and with Laban and his kids take after him
  • and Joseph is real prideful and a tattletale and just an awful younger sibling to have the kind that you grit your teeth and detest

and it’s just a book full of people exploiting each other la… the more you read the worse it gets)

so we come to this – if God is just, then they should be punished, not blessed. isn’t God a holy God? isn’t He unable to tolerate sin? why tolerate, let alone BLESS?? this bunch of irredeemable humans??

(there is so much that i have to say about this like Genesis 15 and the covenant with Abraham but)

the essence of it always returns to Jesus, because He was pierced for our transgressions, and crushed for our iniquities, the scourging fell upon Him so that we could have peace, and by His stripes – by those awful lashings that drew blood – we are healed, and made whole.

He is the true and better Isaac who actually lay himself on the altar as a sacrifice for our sins.

He is the true and better serpent who was lifted up in the wilderness so that not just rebellious Israel, but all of us could be healed.

in that 2015 post i wrote this:

i believe that love is giving, is sacrifice, and so if a relationship is an expression of love then it will slowly grow into an uninhibited, unreserved giving of oneself to another.

so yes. punishment did fall, and the heaviest punishments of all at that. but because of love, that punishment fell on Jesus, who gave himself to us so that now, in the place of punishment we receive a new life, and a relationship with God. that’s the Gospel. that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.

tonight, i remember this deeply, and am filled with thankfulness once again.



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