before i frog-get (again)

so today amy lear kindly gave me a lift back which seemed like it might be short and quick at first but was not, thanks to the rain and anxious adults chugging home to their families in cars

then there was this goodish thought that went something like

“are you big on anniversaries? or occasions?”

“no, but i do try to celebrate them! i think that.. a lot of relationship is having a safe space where you can be vulnerable with another person, and that’s why commitment is a big thing – how do you get vulnerable if the other person can just get up and leave? appreciation is a big part of that too, and so anniversaries and ~special dates~ are like. like if you set a reminder in your phone to appreciate someone, except that it’s the world and society at large who are setting that reminder for you”

and i got home and thought that it is a very wonderful thing, because sometimes you just need to speak and say something deep inside of you, but how many people stay? it is a blessing to have people who listen and who stay, friends and confidantes and best friends 🙂

(as Keller puts it:

to be loved without being understood/known is pleasant, but superficial

to be fully known and not loved is our greatest fear

but to be fully known and fully loved..

what joy there is! what incredible things that does to a person 🙂 )


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