today my eyes are so tired that i cannot look at the screen during Shipping; it is too bright and the sheer whiteness of the excellent projection in SR-3 is more than i can handle.

things that i am glad for:

  • that i can afford to take Lutein because my family gets it at a good price
  • that i had good duck rice with intestines (with ting!!) to start my day (the aunty was lovely and served me with much cheerfulness)
  • that though my lecture in KR was overflowing with humans, i enjoyed myself while sitting on the steps, had a wonderful chat with Prof Gana and Yuan Hao from last sem, and find the module quite meaningful
  • that i got to have a nice nap on the circle line in my favorite seat (the one where you can lean back)
  • that there was sushi and tom yum and watermelon for dinner
  • that i saw pris! and denise! and bin is next to me in class!
  • for joanne’s company through 2/3 of my day thus far

i will be very glad when class is over and i can head home and sleep 🙂


0 thoughts on “13/01

      1. Ok… if that makes u feel better hahaha. Girvin must be glowing with the light of…maritime history and interesting facts about various countries including that one tha starts with L.


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