in my flesh shall i see God

(Job 19:26)

Spurgeon has a delightful reflection on Job’s declaration of desire and hope – that while Jesus is a single source of joy, He is also infinite.

i struggle to grasp that – it seems easiest to relate to Jesus-as-human-man, and while i love people, it’s hard to imagine that much goodness from a single person. what is eternity with Jesus like??? surely it must grow.. boring?? 

my small thought on the train was this: that perhaps it would be quite wonderful to partake of nature in utter safety, to survey Creation without all the clutter that attends modern life. no deadlines, or stress, or rushing or fear or danger, but in their place an unhurried contemplation of nature and its beauty, a close-up inspection of stars and galaxies and the hands and feet of the Milky Way in wispy spirals, and alongside that, to personally and intimately know the Creator who made them all, to know that He loves me..

it sounds fantastical and exceptionally wishful, but yet this is what the Bible tells me. that a Creator God (创造万物的真神) made me, and loves me.

it’s also rather comforting to know that i’m not alone in this strange emotional confusion – in Psalm 8, the psalmist exclaims:

“O Lord, how majestic Your name in all the earth! When i think upon the heavens and the works of Your hands.. what is man, that You are mindful of him, or the son of man, that You care for him?

yet the psalmist then knew it to be true, and his realization overflows into praise 🙂

Oh Lord, hasten the day when my faith will be sight.. till then, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!


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