quick thoughts

1. there is a nice 10-minute window that i have from the mrt to my home and some days (when it rains or when the sun is all sparkly and tantrum-y) i wish it wasn’t there but other days i find myself quite enjoying the stroll

2. prayer group gathering (wed) was lovely for many reasons (like dee and i syncing gifts!! and clothes today ahahaha) but one huge reason was hearing and witnessing a great hunger for Christ… to see my own peers tear up (not because their lives are full of struggles, though struggles are often present, but) because they want to know Jesus more with such a hunger and a desperation, not for what He can give or bring but simply for who He is. to know Him like a Father, a Friend, a Savior, a Shepherd..

3. school is almost here and somehow despite the busiest december in years i feel rested and ready to go :–)

4. okay my 10 mins is almost up but i have had so many conversations with people (many unfinished) that i am thankful for.. Lord i have 24 hours a day and most days far less than that because i am sleepy and busy and distracted but will You please use this one life that i have…!

The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”

One last run tomorrow to round off the hols. Here we go 😊


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