pride comes b4 a 4

so last night gid and i were chatting about rehearsal being at 9 and also fatigue

then he said he would be punctual

so big mouth me said “WELL THEN I SHALL BE EARLY!!! 😎😎😎”

but guess what my pride came before me falling (into a deep, deep slumber bc i was seriously exhausted)

and i jolted awake minutes ago and felt like someone had vacuumed the sleep out of me but when i looked at my phone it was 08:06 and i had set no alarm

so well i’m still going to be early thanks to the kindness of amy lear but it is a gift by grace that none may boast

(and i still don’t know how i woke without my alarm i had just enough time to leap up brush teeth shrug on clothes grab prawn mee stride to pick-up point IRELAND WE DID IT!!!!)


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