some thoughts

1. today was a loooooong day and wow it is NOT EASY to direct a scene that you are in but it is also a very fun challenge (albeit a huge one) and with cooperative cast members who will listen intently and provide feedback and direction of their own it was a joy even if it was very tiring

2. everyone liked my choice of pizza 😀

3. when u r tired you might make bad decisions for eg. i wanted to not play Charades but tricia prepared this lovely set of cards and we played Charades in the end thanks to a good call by amelia + trish and it was fun so :>

LAWIV is a long trudge at times and a happy bouncing/flouncing along at others but it is good to have something to keep at even when the going gets tough and i hope we do something that people will look back on fondly (esp for those involved) :–)


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