With Your Likeness, Let Me Wake

how fragile we are!

and how steadfast You are Lord.

LAWIV has been super exciting and is only going to get more exciting – dance and cast fusing, new scenes in the works, and the introduction of the Live Band – 1.5 months left as we journey towards Opening Night..!

December has been a flurry of activity – LawIV, but also long mrt rides (with babies in prams with BB8 plushies!!!) and me maxing out my mrt pass to try and see all the people that think they are Santa.. only appearing in December and even then super elusive!!!

What an exercise in faithfulness.. everywhere I go, in every conversation, this one thing weighs heavily on my heart – that while I live this one life, I am always being given over to death, that the love of Christ might be made known through me. How often I falter, and grow weary, and find myself woefully inadequate to bear witness to this wonderful Gospel.

But I hold on to this: that my Father in Heaven knows the path that I take. Less of me Lord! Less of my pride, my selfishness and self-consciousness, my needs – more of You, Your gentle spirit, Your mercies, Your heart for the needy and the lost.

This is not about what you’ve done, but what’s been done for you.”


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