since you are my friend,

you will likely know that my mind is rather strange – it hops around like a frog on crack and lands in rather unexpected places.

tonight though, as i prepare to sleep, all i can think of is this:

“my utmost for His highest”

the famous title of Oswald Chambers’ devotionals.

i have known of this devotional for quite some time now, and have even read a fair bit of it. but i do believe that it is one of those truths that grows richer with time, because getting older means re-defining what ‘hard work’ entails. it means taking a long hard look at the rat race, and finding yourself surrendering to it in bits and pieces anyway.

so then, to have a man say this:

“i will give my utmost

is a precious thing. but to give my utmost for His highest – for another, to give all that i have, my very best, keeping nothing for myself, but not that i should gain, only that Christ be made known.

what kind of a life would that look like?

to know that there was someone who dared to dream that big, to be so bold and so unyielding and relentless in service of another.. that makes me want to dream too, to no longer snack on fillers and empty treats, but to hunger and thirst for truth, and righteousness.

that is all. goodnight friends, and have a blessed Sunday 🙂


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