it must be a familiar story to most uni kids

work piles up, deadlines sneak up on you, and suddenly it is all-nighters and falling behind on schoolwork and the pressure piles until all i can see is my own manufactured need

like if i just take a few steps back

a step back and i realise that i am fine and very blessed to be where i am after almost 4 years of law

another and i have friends and family who are incredible people and inspirations

and i am healthy and can mostly spend money without worry or anxiety on food and clothes
but in that moment wew it is so easy to feel like it is THE END if i do not get an essay out (or if the essay is sub-par, or if i sit through a class and come out frustrated from not having absorbed anything), and that is just what comes of having an intense, unyielding focus on myself and my needs

i wonder: is that how some adults with good intentions become stuck in that rut where they slog to buy themselves more comforts but not much else? just a slow slide towards becoming so obsessed with yourself that the faintest whiff of failure feels crushing and awful and sickening

it was thus a deep comfort and joy to read prof dan goh’s post and to be reminded that NO, i don’t have to be that way, that there are people who have looked beyond their narrow needs because they believed in something good and true and real and were willing to give their lives up for that belief

2 Thessalonians 3:5 reads like this:

May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.”

‭‭with all my heart, yes, yes Lord, lead me to the Cross.


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